I’m back. =^^=

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Luckily, the sinus infection wasn’t the worst ever.  It’s just that anti-biotics always make me so damned dizzy that sitting up to type on a computer is the worst thing ever.  So, all is well, and I’m back.  Tomorrow’s post is going to be password protected.  If you’re new to my blog, I don’t make password protected posts often, but when I do I put a little warning to let you know.  If you would like the password please read the following:


  • Please make sure you are okay with seeing blood in a post.  The post will be about blood cupping, so I’m password protecting it.
  • Please make sure that I have been chatting with you on and off (either in person or online) for at least six months (it doesn’t have to be “perfect” six months, but if I just met you, I won’t give you the password.
  • Please EMAIL me at The _ Sub _ Mission @ yahoo . com (remove spaces) and ask me for the password.  I am uncomfortable giving the password out on Twitter, Fetlife, or any other place.  Please respect this.
  • Please understand that if I deny you the password, it’s not personal – it’s just that I don’t feel comfortable giving it to you because I don’t know you very well.  I keep my blood play posts in a small circle of people I trust.  I know it isn’t material everyone wants to see, and I completely respect that.


That’s all!  <3  Enjoy! 

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