Connect the Dots

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I am still healing some bruises from the last time we did dry cupping.  We’re not really in any particular rush to get rid of them, they will fade when they wanna.  Still, the other night, Master was playing with me, and he pulled out the violet wand.  He had me lie face down, and I felt him zip-zapping my back.  I wasn’t sure of the pattern he was making, but when he was done, he showed me.  Turns out, he was invested in a rather fun game of “Connect the dots!”  LOL!  I love it.  The marks were gone by the morning, (but he wasn’t sure whether they would be or not, which is why he wound up not connecting the top two dots, he told me.  As those might show through the top of my swim suit, and there are children at the rec center, so we try to avoid marks around children.)

Still, he told me it looked almost like corset lacing.  I kind of think it looks like boot lacing, but that could be because of my obsession with boots.  =^^=

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