Out Of Control

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I mean, it’s not that I’m bad at orgasm control.  Master and me enjoy orgasm control, and in general, my orgasms have always been reasonably in check.  There are some nights when Master tells me I don’t have to ask for permission (it is hard to ask for permission while gagged, etc), and some nights he tells me I am absolutely not to orgasm without his permission.  I thrive on that, and I love orgasm control, and even being denied orgasms.

Well.  A few nights ago, Master was playing with me.  He had taken my ball gag out, and he explicitly told me not to cum without permission.  I told him I would not.  He took the Hitachi out, and he did this:

We did that one other time I can think of, here.  It was pretty sweet.

So, the Hitachi was dangling above me, he was hitting my feet with a cane, and we were having a grand old time.  Everyone was happy.  I wasn’t actually even riding the edge yet.  Nope, my cunt felt good, but not “edgy”.

And then

(I know, you can already tell what I’m about to say)

Yep, I came.  Out of nowhere.  Even I wasn’t expecting it.  Actually, by the time I realized it was going to happen, it was already happening.  Worst part was: I didn’t even tell Master I was cumming.  I just tried to stay very still and hope he wouldn’t notice.  I felt so bad and I know I should have fessed up right away.  I KNOW I should have fessed up.  -.-

“Kitty, is there something you want to tell Master?”

I tried to put my elbows in front of my face to hide, but Master already had me cuffed and tied down with rope in such a way that, yeah, I wasn’t going anywhere.  (And neither were my elbows.)

“I feel soo terrible.  But..  I accidentally came Master.”

“Accidentally?”  I could hear the laugh in his voice.

I explained that I wasn’t even riding the edge, and I really don’t know how it happened.  Though, sometimes the Hitachi does get you out of nowhere.  Master is thinking of an appropriate punishment for me.  He says he knows it was accidental, but we both know I still need to be punished.  I’m glad he isn’t the type to punish blindly without thinking it over.  We will see what happens.  I really am not punished often (because I really don’t misbehave often, and, in general, when I do it’s because of something similar to the situation above.  I didn’t mean to.  Though, I’ve had my bad moments, too.)

Cumming by accident was bad. BUT trying to “hide” it was seriously worse and I know that the former could not be helped, the latter could.  So, I’m not looking forward to it, but I know I deserve it and I will take the punishment more than willingly when it comes.

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    1. @Mrs TeePot I deserve it, so if it is really bad, I will still accept it willingly. >.< Bad kitty is bad. >.<

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