Luxury Extra Long Suede Flogger

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The more I work with Lovehoney, the more I grow to love them. They really know how to make my day, because they sent me a new flogger to review. There’s nothing quite as exciting as opening up a box and you’ve got a lovely little flogger inside, is there? Well, aside from actually using the flogger. The flogger I was sent in exchange for my unbiased opinion was the Bondage Boutique Luxury Extra Long Suede Flogger.

As you can see in my picture, this is a beautiful red flogger. It has black accents on the handle, and the rest of it is red with metal studs. I wish my picture showed the deep red color as gorgeous as it is, but I always have a hard time photographing red. This is a deep, rich, crimson leather, and it does have a nice faint leathery smell.

The total length of the flogger is 18.5”,  which is a good length in my opinion for someone who isn’t very savvy when it comes to floggers. If you start out with a flogger with really long tails, you can wind up getting them tangled a lot. If you wind up with a flogger which is too short, it can be hard to aim. The handle of this piece is 5.5” long, and a little over an inch in diameter.  Master did not find this to be uncomfortable in his big hands, and I find it to be a comfortable width in my hands too, which are markedly smaller.  (Not that I’m going to hit anyone with this, but smaller-handed dom/mes may find this helpful to know).

The tails of this flogger are 13” long, but the tails are very thin, so they are going to give more of a sting than a thuddy impact.  Due to the softness of the suede tails, you still get some thud, but this flogger is more stingy than anything.  As a person coming from the receiving end of this flogger, I will say that, overall, even when a lot of force is applied by Master, this is still on the light end of the flogger spectrum.  This is a good flogger though, for a warm up flogging, or even for practice alone, or with someone who does not like a whole lot of pain.  For the extreme masochist or sadist though, you will likely want to look elsewhere.

One idea for this flogger, if, like me you find yourself in the masochistic position, and this isn’t doing it for you – a bit of tenderizing with a violet wand or a rougher flogger before using this one (we have some floggers with “sharp” points on them) is a good way to go, and still be able to use this one.  It’s also a really good flogger for pussy whipping.  For me, I like having my pussy (and especially my clit) whipped or spanked, but I am not a huge fan of severe genital torture (I prefer the severe stuff for my other bits) and this toy is perfect for that.  For my bum, thighs, or back, this didn’t really pack the punch I needed right out of the gate.

Who would this flogger be good for?  I think that a beginner to the wonderful world of floggers (who is not a big pain slut, but does enjoy pain to a degree) will probably like this.  If you’re on the more painful side of sexual fun, then I’d recommend holding out for another flogger.  To this flogger’s credit, I will say that it is really well made and we have not had an issue with leather unpeeling from the handle (which can sometimes happen with really cheap floggers).  The tails do not shed either, which is typically the case of crummy quality leather.

I’m going to give this flogger five paws, because the toy itself is a wonderful, quality item – it just didn’t pack the amount of pain I typically enjoy in a flogger.5paws2


Thank you so much, Lovehoney, for allowing me the opportunity to try out this flogger in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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