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I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter who you are, a little bling on a vibrator is fun for everyone.  I guess it could also just be me, but, then again, I do like the shinies.  One of the reasons I wanted to try the Marilyn Waterproof Vibrator is because, I like having nice simple vibrators like this (smooth, no texture, easy to operate, etc), but I thought the little gem on the bottom near the controls was pretty too.  And, I likes me some pretty.

The box this came in was a nice, thin box which was not much bigger than the toy itself.  I really like it when toys don’t have excessive packaging.  The box is just cardboard, so you can recycle it if you like, but you could also save it for storage.  I have a bin for vibrators, and I just tossed it on top of that, no need to be super careful with this one.  It isn’t delicate.


Here’s a shot of the bottom of the toy, it’s’ really pretty!  There is a big gem on the bottom and I like how it sparkles.  The overall length of the toy is 6”, and it has a diameter of 1 1/8”.  So, this isn’t the girthiest toy out there.  The toy is vaginally insertable, but there is no flared base, so keep this away from your butt, please.  (Unless you’re just teasing the outside of it).  I really only use this toy for clit stimulation, but as I said, you could use it for insertion too.

One of the fun things Master and me like to do with this toy is to use it in conjunction with rope bondage.  Because the toy is nice and slim and smooth, you can pretty easily slide it between ropes (if you plan for it), or you can always incorporate it into the tie itself.  Clunkier toys like the Hitachi don’t have this advantage.  Marilyn is quite the stealthy little toy.  Well, physically, Marilyn is a little gem, but she is also quite noisy.  If you’re living with room mates or have to hide your toys, this one is probably not going to be your first choice.  I could definitely hear it through a closed door.  For me and Master, that isn’t an issue, but for many of you, it might be.

How strong is this toy?  Strong enough to get me off without the help of other vibrators, so I like it.  I give it a three out of five for power.  It’s nice to have a vibrator which isn’t just a tease and actually gets the job done.  Too many vibrators are super low power nowadays, but that’s not a problem for me with my Marilyn.

The Marilyn Waterproof Vibrator is probably not waterproof.  I say “probably”, because I have enough experience with vibrators to know better than to submerge a vibrator with a turn-dial base.  The toy does have an O ring near the opening to put your two AA batteries (not included), however, I’m more worried that water is going to slowly seep into the turn dial, and from there it would not be tough to work its way to where the batteries are stored.  If you are brave enough to get this one wet, I’d recommend trying it in the shower.  I do not think this toy is good for submerge-able situations.

Cleaning this toy is pretty straight forward.  It is made from ABS plastic, so it is not porous (feel free to share it with a partner if you clean it properly, or better yet, use a condom between partners to keep your mind at ease).  You can use toy cleaner, soap and water, or a 10% bleach solution to clean this.  Then, I just like to let mine air dry.  If you don’t have a place where you can lay your toy out, then go ahead and towel-dry it before you put it away.  Easy peasy!

You can use any kind of lube you like with ABS plastic, but silicone and water based are my favorites.

Master and me are very happy with this toy, so I’m going to go ahead and give it 4 paws.  I wouldn’t have taken any paws off, except it is obvious to me that this toy isn’t waterproof, and so I feel it deserves to lose a point.


Thank you so much, GoodVibes, for allowing me the opportunity to try out this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review.

Edited to add:

I have yet to meet a toy which held up to my extensive underwater testing before – that had a dial for the controls.  As you can see in my above review, I didn’t want to ruin this toy (because I really do like it!) and I have lost many a good toy by testing it for waterproof-ability despite knowing ahead of time that turn-dial caps almost never work out to being actually waterproof.  But, GoodVibes decided to comment (Thank you, GoodVibes!) and they let me know that, they have never had an issue, so I figured I would give this toy a test run.  You want to know what?  The toy passed even my picky waterproof test, and I was completely surprised!  I put the toy on its highest setting, and just left it in my bathtub while I ran around the house for about a half hour.  Afterwards, I let the toy air dry (so I could be sure that there were no drips on the outside possibly leaking into the inside).  It didn’t take long to air dry completely (maybe an hour).  Once I finished air drying the toy, I went ahead and unscrewed the cap, and took all the batteries out – they were bone dry!  Thank you GoodVibes!  You have reminded me that each toy should be tested on its own and if I lose the toy – I lose the toy.  Every toy, despite my past dealings, does deserve a chance to prove that it is indeed what it says it is.  I want to update this review and say that, with that being my only real problem with the toy, I now am going to go ahead and rate this toy five paws.5paws2

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  1. Thanks for a fair and honest review!

    We’ve sold the Marilyn for years and haven’t heard any issues about waterproof-ness. Want to give it a bathtub or sink test drive?

    If water seeps in through a tightly closed lid, we’d be surprised. We distinguish between splash-proof (which includes the shower) vs. waterproof (bath, hot tub, etc) — and to date, the Marilyn has earned her WP seal of approval. 🙂

    1. @GoodVibesToys Thanks for the head’s up! I have never had a toy with a turn-dial base pass the test, and I hate to lose my Marilyn (I really like the toy a lot). I will try it in the sink tonight, and I will report back here with my findings. <3

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