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This is a post I had meant to make a few days ago!  You see that adorable new plush orc above?  Yep!  One of my really cool friends who reads this blog got him for me from my wish list.  I had sent her an email saying thank you, but I wanted to do a little picture post to show picture gratitude.  (I will keep her identity a secret, but if she wishes to “out” herself in the comments, feel free!)  <3

“Orchie” has been a very fun addition to our little plush family.  I had hoped that Apple Pig would make him his first lieutenant in his army, but things are going a bit..  Difficult.  ::Ahem::  See, Orchie has his own little sword, and Apple Pig does not.  Orchie seems to prefer beating up on (stabbing the crap out of) Apple Pig and not obeying any of his commands.  Apple Pig informs me that it’s just a matter of time until he breaks Orchie in, but from the way things are going, it could be a while!

Still, Orchie does seem to enjoy watching the Lord Of the Rings and cheering for the bad side!  Good thing he is so cute and adorable.  <3


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6 thoughts on “Orchie

    • @Gaspar True, but he doesn’t really talk anyway. He uses a series of grunts and sword jabs to get his meaning across.

  1. Aww you are too sweet and adorable! This is such a cute pic! I’m so glad you like Orchie and don’t worry I am sure Apple pig will be able to break him in :)

    • Thanks @MomoNoHanna! It was really sweet of you to surprise me. <3 I love him to bits, and he's sitting in here while I type this! <3 ::Big hugs::

  2. Oh, no! Orchie is a minion of Sauron? Good thing he’s so cute. ;)

    • @P’Gell Yep, seeing as how he is an.. Orc. :) But, you never know, maybe Apple Pig can get him on the good side.. In time. :D