Upcoming Password Protected Post

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Tomorrow’s post is going to be password protected because it contains blood play.  Below is a picture which contains no blood, from this same play session.  The session involved wet cupping, bondage, and glass dildos.  If you’re interested in viewing the post please:


  • Email me to request the password. The _ Sub _ Mission @ yahoo . com (remove spaces). It will be a different password than my other posts, however, if I have already given you the password for one of the other posts, I will be more than happy to give you this password. Just let me know that you want the password for this post. That is all.
  • If I have not given you any of the passwords to the other two posts, be forewarned: I only feel comfortable giving the password to people I’ve been talking to for about a year or so. I will make special exceptions if we chat a lot, but if I turn you down, please know it is nothing personal, Master and me just feel more comfortable this way.
  • If you’re requesting this password far in the future, please, when you shoot me your email just let me know the date you’re requesting the password for.
  • Understand that if you email asking for the password, and I don’t know you, and we never talk, I will unfortunately have to decline you. :(

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Password Protected Post

  1. On a completely unrelated subject, you should get some boots in the color of that bondage tape. The color looks good on you ;-)