Happy New Year

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Happy New Year 2014


Master and me like to make a picture for each holiday to post on my blog.  We have been doing this without fail for every holiday since we started this blog.  Usually, it’s a pre-meditated thing, and Master will sometimes ask if I had or have an idea in mind for the picture.  He always makes the final decision on the picture though.  Since I got really sick back in July, I haven’t been feeling up for photo shoots, but that is slowly changing.  Still, we realized that there would be no special picture this year, and had accepted that.

On New Year’s Eve, Master came downstairs and had his suit on.  I looked over and couldn’t stop smiling.  He doesn’t normally dress up for me, and it was totally shocking, but oh so hot.  I love seeing him that way.  He bustled around and put things here and there, and told me where he wanted me to go.  He laid me on the ground and put restraints on my wrists and ankles, and my big penis gag in my mouth.  Then he told me to kneel in front of the Xmas tree.  He put my blindfold on, and I couldn’t see what was happening, but when I heard the camera turn on I knew he was taking pictures!

So, we did wind up with an Xmas photo anyway, which is cool.  =^^=

Xmas Eve itself was tough for me.  It has been difficult to stay up late (and I have stayed up late a lot this season between The Hobbit 2, Xmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve.  My bed time sure has me used to sleeping early!  Still, being awake for a New Year’s Eve kiss is very, very important to Master, so I make my best effort each year.  I did make it, but I was in bed shortly after.

The night itself included lovely play (with that cane you see above), Chinese food, video games, and lots of tea.  It was a nice night…  But I am looking forward to my usual sleeping schedule again.

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