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Master and me have been doing a lot of pony play lately.  The biggest reason why is that, as I mentioned, he’s hoping to enter me in an upcoming competition.  The other reason why is that, we really haven’t been able to do any pony play in the last (almost) year or so up until now, so it is fun getting back to something we enjoy so much. 

Master has been working with me a lot on commands and steps, and I’ve been enjoying our training sessions a lot, and he has even pointed out that I am getting better certain things, like, keeping tension on the lead or maintaining my balance during this step or that.  In the past it has been pretty easy for me to get to a pony headspace, but lately it has been really difficult.

For example, last night Master took my head gear off to let me have a drink of water, and he told me I could stay free roam a little bit as long as I stayed downstairs.  I got a mischievous look on my face and started chewing on Colosso-Pig.  Master told me that ponies don’t eat pigs.  So, I picked up one of the plush mice on the stairs.  Master (teasingly) pointed out that actually, ponies don’t chew mice either.

“I’m having a hard time feeling like a pony and getting into pony headspace.”  I admitted.

“I can tell,”  Master replied.

We talked a little bit about it.  I mean, having my gear on helps.  As soon as a bit gag goes in and I’m not allowed to speak (except if it’s dire, and then I have a hand signal to point out that I need my head trainer off), and I’m left alone with my thoughts I usually fall into feeling like a pony really quickly.

I think things are harder for me this time around because I used to be pretty good at all these steps we’re working on now, and I’m not awful (I have the flexibility, at least), but as I’ve lost a lot of muscle tone due to various injuries over the last few years I have regressed as far as balance is concerned.  We’re working on it, and Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it’s still hard coming off an injury or illness.  Instead of getting out of my human headspace, and into a more animal-like one, I can’t stop thinking of where to put my foot next and I’m focusing way too much on the doing, and less on the being.  Of course doing as I’m told is very important, and we both strive for my obedience.  I just mean that, when I was stronger the steps were more second nature to me, and now they feel difficult.  But, Hell.  I managed to walk over 21 miles this past weekend, so if that isn’t a sign my strength is returning, I don’t know what is.  Just have to keep the consistency up and keep working towards a place where I can be less worried about having a hard time balancing, and more focused on being Master’s pony.

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