Just a quickie

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Master’s rule is one post a day, unless he gives me distinct permission for a particular day.  I do my best but sometimes I screw up and count posts wrong.  (I usually write ’em one day ahead).  Today is one of those days I just plain fucked up and noticed that I forgot to write one for tomorrow.  Oops.  I have a few minutes before bed though so I’m not a complete failure.

Tonight was busy!  Master decided that he might want to go to the pirate social but I literally didn’t have anything to wear.  So, we went out and looked in a few stores and pieced something halfway decent together.

It’s warmer in Vegas than it is in Colorado right now, so Master shaved my undercut again.  I have a nice, smooth nape.  I love feeling him run his fingers along it.

We packed the toys and pony gear, and the pirate stuff of course as well as a few last minute things.

Master is working from home tomorrow and then we’re off!!  Yay!


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4 thoughts on “Just a quickie

  1. But will there be blogging during vacation? Enquiring minds . . .

  2. Oh! So exciting to be going back there I bet!! i really enjoy hearing about your fun in Vegas!! Safe travels.. and Have a GREAT time you two!!