The Hole, In Use!

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We posted about the Hole a while back, but there were no picture of me in said Hole.  Well, for fun Master brought along the camera for one of our play sessions in the Hole.  So, here’s a few pictures.




Peeking out.




Snuggled up with Rexie.



Master gave me the camera and had me take a shot from inside the Hole.  This is all I could see.  I’m surprised anything showed up because of how dark it is in there.  I have a little blanket on the bottom of the Hole, and I have been keeping Rexie in there for me to play with.  Master removes him when I have to go in the Hole for punishment time, though that doesn’t happen too often.

One thing that’s fun about the Hole is when we do pet play in it, like above.  We don’t always do pet play in the Hole, but sometimes Master will tease me when I’m in kitty mode by poking his hands through the side of the door or by crinkling my toy where I can hear it but not reach it.  He just goes on about how cute I look in there, and it’s fun for me to be boxed up.  I always wanted a cage, but this little bit of closet seems to be working just fine.  <3