Temporary Branding Progress Pictures

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I’ve been wanting to post my month one progress photos from my temporary brand, but I have obviously not been capable of typing until now.  So, here we go!




Here’s a picture of the eye of the brand at week two.  As you can see, there is still some slight scabbing going on here.  While it may have technically been “safe” to wear a bra during this phase and not destroy the brand itself, we chose to play it safe and continue going braless.



Here is a picture from week three.  There were no more scabs at this point, so I began to wear a bra again.  As you can see, for the most part the brand has faded relatively evenly, though there are slightly thicker lines on the bottom left of the brand, likely from the way I sleep or wear my clothes.  The top of the brand, which gets touched more often definitely faded a bit faster than the rest of the thing.

Week four pictures didn’t really look different, so my plan is now to take a picture once per month to post progress shots until it is gone.  I did make some notes about the brand itself which I want to share:

Brand Tuesday (Day 9) All itchiness is gone, and the bottom still has some bigger scabs.  Top has light scabbing.

Day 11 (13th) Slightly itchy on the bottom half of the brand

Day 17 (19th) No itchiness, and the actual scabs are starting to become substantially less.

Day 21 scabs were so small that I risked wearing a bra for a doctor’s appointment.

I am not surprised that it has been a month and the brand is still kicking around rather decently.  I love the way it pokes out of the top of my tank tops when I wear them.

2 thoughts on “Temporary Branding Progress Pictures

  1. I’d have such a hard time not scratching at it. It was murder not touching my tattoo.

    Branding aside, your back and hip curves are gorgeous.

    • @Lea Well, whenever it itched too much, Master would rub it through fabric (rubbing the entire thing, not just the itchy part, to make sure that it was healing as evenly as possible. :) But it was super intensely itchy for a little while there. :) And many thanks on your kind complement. :)