Happy Birthday Master Pravus!

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Dear Master,

Happy birthday!  I know you are sad you aren’t fourty-two anymore, because being the ultimate answer to the universe and everything was pretty badass, but happy birthday anyway!  I mean, you can’t be fourty-two forever, and now you’re a year closer to Gandalf bringing you for that adventure.  <3 <3 <3

This year was awesome, because you were in it.  You are so amazing and you make me want to be a better person and slave every single day of my life.


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I didn’t have any allowance this year, so all I have to give you is my love, servitude, and gratefulness (maybe next year you’ll get that PS4??).  You are the most patient Master ever and you never get upset if it takes me forever to learn or figure something out.  I’m so grateful that you gave me this chunk of metal around my neck and that you keep me around teaching me new things and always allowing me to serve you.


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This wasn’t an easy year for us, but it was a good one!  I wish so much happiness for you in the coming year.  I want you to have all you deserve and more.  I want you to be happy, healthy, and to excel in all things.  I want you to never let me go.

Happy birthday to the awesomest Master in the world.

So much love,

Your kitty

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Master Pravus!

  1. Three cheers for Tim! Happy anniversary of your first vaginal excursion!

  2. A big happy birthday from me too! Hope it’s a super special day!

  3. A wonderful tribute indeed – hope you had a great day Macula Pravus”

  4. Happy Birthday a teeny tiny bit late!! =) xoxo

  5. I never turn down Birthday wishes anytime I get them. :) Thank you.