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Tiger Lube contains glycerin.  ALERT!  Tiger Lube contains glycerin!  Don’t go away yet, please.   Before I get too far into this review, I want to talk a bit about glycerin.  For a long time I thought that maybe I was sensitive to glycerin.  When I started dating Master, his go-to lube was Astroglide, and I had issues with it.  It would burn and sting, and I couldn’t figure out why.  When I started exploring other lubes, many people told me it was probably the glycerin in the Astroglide that was bothering me, and I didn’t think anything of it.  I decided to just avoid lubes that contain glycerin.  I tried a few lubes which had no glycerin in them, but I wound up having burning types of reactions to some of them, and again, I had no idea why.  I will say though, that we have used Tiger Lubricant several times now, and I have never had any burning or other unpleasant reactions to it, so for me, glycerin is not the culprit.  I still am not sure what is the culprit, but I am willing to keep trying different lubes until I figure out the common denominator.  As you can see, I’m very selfless.

Since I have been avoiding lubes that had glycerin in them, I had decided to stick with the ones I knew I liked the most.  Wet Platinum Silicone, and Sliquid Booty.  I got a tweet last December from Tiger Lube telling me about a contest they had going on.  The contest looked fun, and I didn’t think to even look up the ingredients first.  D’oh!  I was lucky enough to win with my entry, and I was sent a bunch of their lube, plus a few other goodies!  Lucky me!




The box my package came in was discreet and had no indication as to what was inside.  (Thank you, Tiger Lubricants!)  Once the lube showed up, I then read the bottles (stupid Kitty!  I shall remember to read them in future before entering contests for sure!) and I didn’t even want to try it.  Master pointed out that if it didn’t work out, at least it was free.  We decided to give it a try.

I don’t use lube for a lot of stuff, but lube is a requirement for any kind of anal play (you do know your anus doesn’t produce lube of any kind, right?) and we also use lube for fisting or large toys (because no matter how wet you are, you still always need more lube for fisting).  Master decided to try the lube out first when he was fingering me, and I really liked the feel.  While the version of lube they sent me (Tiger Paw) does not contain any silicone at all, it has a very smooth silicone-like feel to it.  You only need a tiny bit, and it stays slick without needing to apply very often.  (Super long sessions did require a re-application, but for a water based lube this held on very well.)

The bottle itself is really easy to use, and it has a pop top.  It comes in eight ounce bottles, which will no doubt last you a long time.  The lube doesn’t have a very pleasant taste to it, so if you like to go back and forth between oral sex and toys you may want to use something else.  This isn’t a flavored lube though, and it isn’t meant to be ingested.  The smell is very mild, and I’m not sure how to describe it.  However, I did not even notice a scent until I literally held the bottle to my nose and inhaled.  This isn’t something you’ll notice while you’re playing in a normal session.  If you have sensitivities to fragrances, this lube will probably not cause you any grief.

As you can see in my picture, Tiger Lubricant goes on completely clear.  It has a very nice feel in my hands, and Master and me enjoyed this lube quite a bit for both vaginal and anal uses.  We have not had any problems getting the lube to wash out of sheets, clothing, or off of our bodies.  Hooray for easy clean-up!  Plus, Tiger Lube is compatible with any toy, as it contains no oils or silicone.

As far as viscosity goes, it is a bit difficult to describe.  On a scale of five where one is super thin and runny like water, and five is super thick like a gel with no running, I give this a three.  It does run a bit, but it’s not super thin either, which is part of what makes this great for anal play.  One note to cam girls out there, though, that I find that this is the messiest lube I use while on cam.  While the lube itself isn’t insanely runny, I do find that sometimes in a fast paced cam show that this is the one I tend to spill most often.  It does clean up just fine as mentioned above, but if you’re not paying attention, puddles will ensue.  Master and me have not had that be a problem for any of our play time though.

Ingredients are as follows:  Water, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Propylene, Glycol, Hydroethylcellulose, Benzoic Acid, Methylparaben, Citric Acid, and Vitamin E.

For those of you who are sure you are sensitive to either glycerin or parabens, this won’t be the right lube for you, unfortunately.  Tiger Lube has become a go-to lube for Master and me, and we like it quite a lot!  Thank you so much, Tiger Lube!  5 slick paws:


Note:  This is not a sponsored review.  I was not given this item in exchange for a review.  Rather, I won this item and decided to review it on my own.  No compensation of any type has been received in exchange for this honest and fair review.

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