It Isn’t Home Without

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Home is a lot of things to a lot of different people.  Lately, it keeps coming up in conversation that it doesn’t feel like home unless Master is puttering around the house tinkering with something or other.  When we’re just relaxing, Master is more likely than not to be sitting in front of a computer or building something with tools.  Of course home is where your heart is, and where your Master hangs your leash.. But in the stillness of the house when nothing much is happening, it doesn’t feel quite right without the hum of Master’s drill or the beep of one of his computers.

I wasn’t compliment fishing, I mean, I asked him what his equivalent was for me, just out of curiosity. What is it that Master listens for in between the hum of his drill or the beeps and boops of his devices?

When I’m not carrying out a task or following an order, Master admitted that seeing me sit and play video games or watching me crochet were his happy home “sounds.”

It’s funny the little things you do that you don’t think about that affect each other so much.  Little bitty things you do that make each other happy, even when you aren’t directly interacting with each other.

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