No Regrets

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As of today, it has been exactly six months since my ablation.  I know there are a few people who read this blog, and are considering an ablation.  I know that no two experiences are alike, and that just because something worked out for me doesn’t mean it will work out for you, but I did want to update and say how I was doing six months later.

After my ablation, I had a pretty easy healing period.  I was low energy, but not in much pain or anything, and I was totally back to my normal self in about six weeks.  Not only was I back to normal, but I was getting better than I was before the surgery, because my blood counts were going back up.  As of today, I have been anemia free for about five months.  One more month, and Master said he’d feel safe to do blood play with me again.  (When the mood takes him, not like, specifically one month from today, ha ha.)

My periods are amazing now.  I used to have to do crazy things like double up on pads and wear a tampon, and bring backups just to leave the house.  I had no idea at all that this was not normal until I became anemic.  When I got my periods, I remember mentioning this to my doc, and getting the “Oh, everyone is different,” speech.  Also the “Come back when it is bothering you,” speech.  I just dealt with it, and had no idea that it could be better.  Since the ablation?  Literally one or two panty liners a day during my period is all I ever need.  My periods are much shorter, too.  They never last longer than three or four days.

The only downer to the ablation?  Well, it’ll likely need to be redone in about ten years if I start bleeding heavily again.  Most people who have an ablation done when they are still in their twenties do need to have the procedure repeated, but Master and me both agree that we’ll jump at the chance if we ever need to again.  This has just made both of our lives so much better on every front.

I do admit, I was hoping to be a bit further along in my POTS recovery by now.  Being anemic makes POTS worse, so I thought that getting my blood counts up would make the POTS substantially better.  I mean, I am better, but I’m just not where I want to be yet.  I do still need a wheelchair, but I only need it if I’m going to be doing substantial standing still or walking now.  If I only need one or two items in a store, I can do it most days.  I can’t go to the Zoo or do a full grocery shop standing yet.  We have started bringing the chair everywhere that may require a lot of standing though, and I just push it until I need it, because the more standing time I have the better I will be in the long run, and it has totally saved my ass.

So, as far as my anemia and periods go?  I am feeling amazing!  My POTS needs work, but due to my collagen disorder it will always be an issue.  Some days will always be better than others, and it’s just about finding the right balance.

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  1. So glad your doing better