Motivational Nipple

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Master spends a lot of time looking for jobs.  A lot of time.  I don’t blame him in the least, of course, but I can also tell when it’s getting to him.  I mean, there are days when he looks exhausted staring at the computer and I know he needs a break or that he is frustrated with submitting his resume everywhere.  I don’t try to stop him, but I do try to cheer him up when I see he needs cheering.

A few days ago, I could tell he was getting really tired.  I went into the bedroom (so I was out of sight) and I sent a picture of one of my tits to his phone.  I captioned it “Motivational Nipple.”  He smiled and yelled back towards the bedroom that he liked it.  It was nice seeing his spirits lifted for a little bit.

Ever since then though, he’ll call me to him on occasion and say “Motivational Nipple!”  Of course, I take my tits out and let him do whatever he wants to cheer himself up.  Funny how a little thing like that can turn into a big thing.

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One thought on “Motivational Nipple

  1. Oh men. How much they love boobs. I’m glad you can cheer him up this way!