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While my health has still been really, really shitty (despite getting my potassium back up) there has been some very good news around here.  Truthfully, I knew two days ago, but haven’t had the energy to blog yet.

What news is this?  Master has a job.  We’re both so excited about this!  The thing is, it is not a permanent position, but might turn into one.  He’s been contracted for four months and there is a chance they will hire him on permanently at the end of it.  To celebrate, we went out and bought a fire pit and some shitty chairs.  We’re saving any more spending for once Master is permanently hired somewhere, but we wanted to do something as a way to celebrate.  We’re loving it.  We’ve even had a few friends over to grill out there a couple of times and it has been really nice.

While we’re really excited, we’re trying not to get too comfortable.  After all, this may not be permanent..  Even if Master doesn’t get hired on full time at the end though, this will help us out a lot.  We’ll take it.  Temporary work is still work.  We’re definitely a bit concerned about Master’s upcoming drug test, but we’ll just hope for the best.  There’s nothing we can do about it either way so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Master starts work on the twenty-third, and he’s nervous about leaving me at home alone right now while I’m so sick (I have quite a bit of difficulty taking care of myself on a day to day basis) but he should be able to have early hours after the first week of training, so that will set both of our minds at ease a bit.  It will be hard while he is gone, but since I’m back on the medicine for my POTS, we are both hoping I get well enough quick enough to take care of myself a bit better.

So, we’re both breathing huge sighs of relief over here.  True, this is not a complete solution to our problems, but it might eventually turn out to be.  We’re keeping positive, and relaxing more.  This could not have come at a better time.

12 thoughts on “Very Good News

  1. Wonderful news! I’m sure glad to hear this. I know you will start to feel better too. The stress you have been feeling can’t be helpful for your illness.

    1. Thanks @LunaKM. The physical stress of Master not working (with me putting in so much extra time working) is the real kicker. We’re both looking forward to things being a bit more normal around here.

  2. Great news! I did contract work for a while. It was 3months but they kept me on for 9 in the end. Hope you feel better soon.

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