A Simple Game

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Considering that Master prefers me to be still, you would think that we had done this before, but we hadn’t.  Yesterday Master and me were playing with the violet wand.  As much as I enjoy electric play, I think that this is one area that I need more work on.  I do sometimes still fidget a little bit with electricity.  It isn’t all the time, and it depends on the sensitivity of the area involved.  For example, I am far more likely to jump a little bit if you apply the violet wand to my inner thighs than I am if you apply it to my ass.  On the other hand, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to sit through a stun gun without moving at least a little bit…  Time will tell though.  Those things have a lot more bite than a violet wand, though I think the worst part for me is the noise.  If there was such a thing as a silent stun gun, that’d be my dream toy.  I guess that would defeat the purpose though.  Anyway, I’m getting off track.

Master started off having me lie flat on my back, and he put a bunch of clothes pins on my tits.  I don’t know how many, my eyes were closed but I wasn’t counting them either.  He pulled out the violet wand (not that I saw, but I could tell a few seconds later).  He told me that for every time I jumped, I was going to get another clothes pin on my tits.  That sounded like fun to me (not that I had a choice).

Master took the wand and he tested a few places he knew I wouldn’t jump, like the sides of my breasts and the top of my thighs.  He praised me for being good and sitting still.  Then, I heard him turn up the wand and I felt him put it on my nipples (jump), tummy (slight jump) and inner thighs (jump).  I wound up with a couple of tits full of clothes pins but I was also grinning like mad.  Adding a clothes pin isn’t really a deterrent to me because I like the pain.  I like pleasing Master far more than I like pain though, so I tried my best to be still.  By the end of the session, I was getting pretty good at sitting still through my more sensitive bits getting zapped.  Master told me he was very proud of me.  Though, I am sure we will practice again soon and I look forward to it.