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As a way to try to combat the heat, Master and me looked into a couple rec centers and went down and got a monthly pass.  It’s a cheap way to cool down, and also a good way to get out of the house (but not stay in the sun) while we wait for the summer to pass.

I’m not well enough to swim laps like I was doing a couple years ago, and I rarely last for longer than fifteen or twenty minutes before I start getting lightheaded, but it’s a start.  The “lazy” river at our local place is not at all lazy though, actually.  I can’t stand still in it, so I can either float, use Master as a “train”, or lightly paddle through the water.  Hopefully we get my health back up to scratch so I can be more active, because they do have lap lanes at this place as well.  Plus, they are open during the week until 8:30PM, so we can get a swim in after dinner.

Still, even if it doesn’t count as a workout, it’s a nice little splash.  Master picks me up and pulls me this way and that in the lazy river, carrying me through water tunnels, and holding onto me like I am a train for fun sometimes.  I remember most of the stuff from my water comfort class, and I’m doing okay with the little things like getting my face and head wet.  I almost forgot that swimming can be fun.

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4 thoughts on “Swimmy Swim

  1. Yay for fun swimming! Hope you’re feeling a bit better soon sweety xxx

  2. This is sooo good for you, plus you look hot in a swimming suit =p !! i’m happy to hear you’re well enough to even think about swimming. Awesome! =)

    • Thanks @treasure. :) It was really fun splashing around. Master’s going to be on-call next week which will mean no swimming, so we’re trying to get a lot in this week. :)