Daily Mew #46

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Good morning!  Here I am before putting my shirt on this morning.  It’s Infusion day so I have my Lidocaine/Prilocaine numbing cream on there, since, you know, getting a bent one inch long needle stabbed into my chest port isn’t my fetish.

Since Master is supposed to start his contract any day now, we switched my Infusion days back to Saturday.  I don’t mind Saturdays so much, except that they are only open until noon on the weekends (though they are open every day) and my Infusion I receive takes two hours so I have to go in early.  Plus, it’s an hour away.  I have to be up really early on Saturday Infusion days, so usually I have a rougher time than normal.

We’re experimenting with dry shampoo today to see if it’ll help me sleep in later on Saturdays going forward.  Not that it’d be a lot of sleep, but even a half hour helps.  I’m not entirely sure if the dry shampoo worked or not, or if I used enough or too much since it’s my first time.  My femme powers are not strong.  Master says it seems to be fine, so I’m heading out in a couple minutes and I guess I’ll just see how it was after I get home.

Heading out!