Daily Mew #60

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Today’s daily mew is from the pink plastic tub.  Yep, we do indeed still take it out on occasion.  That bottle I’m pouring on my titties?  That’s filled with oatmeal and has a strainer in the cap for easy cleanup while still being good to my skin.  Why is the tub purple?  I threw some bathtub fizzies in there for fun.

Today has been kinda hard for me.  I had to be up super crazy early for Infusion, and then we needed to do errands because we won’t be able to any other day this week.  Then, Master decided we would use our movie passes to go see Kung Fu Panda 3, but when we got to the theatre the next available time slot was 9:20PM, and that’s pretty late.  We’re still going to go, but I’m already kind of dragging so Master thought a bit of a soak might be rejuvenating.  In a few minutes we have to go run one last errand too, so yup.  Busy little beavers over here.

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