Daily Mew #111

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Today’s Daily Mew is a gratitude picture for @Saynine and @Jewelgen on Twitter.  A few weeks ago I made a whiny as fuck comment after getting ostomy supplies in the mail (for perhaps the fifth day in a row) that the only packages I ever get in the mail lately are medical supplies, and how I never enjoy the mail anymore. I used to get really excited about packages but, when they are stoma powder or more wafers, well, it’s hard to get too excited.

As I was sitting down doing some sewing today, I got a knock at the door.  It was the post man and he had a package for me.  I honestly thought it was supplies again, until I realized that underneath the top wrapper, the box said “Kitty” on it.  What company could possibly know my nickname??  I opened the box, and this is what I found:


They both know me pretty well, because LOOK AT THIS BOUNTY!  It’s pretty much perfect for me!  First of all there’s a box of tea, some pig stickers, a Hello Kitty chocolate egg with toy surprise inside, a little plush hamster (OMG, it’s pretty much adorable), some delicious smelling plum and nutmeg soap, and gamer socks.  Totes perf.  Well, I better not whine about only getting poop baggies in the mail anymore, because it would be a complete lie.  Thank you both so much, it was so awesome, and I am beaming over here.  See??

Picture 408

I’m so fortunate to have met Saynine and Jewelgen a couple of years ago at Sin in the City after knowing them on Twitter for a while.  You both have made my day so very much!  Thank you thank you thank you!