Daily Mew #147

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I went to the local ostomy support group tonight and it was pretty good. Holy puffy face day, Batman!

Everyone seemed really nice and of the roughly thirty people attending there were about three in the 30-35 crowd (including me). I didn’t expect that many younger ones. Most were geriatric or fairly old. All were kind. None had gastroparesis. I had a feeling I’d be the odd duck with that.

I signed up on a list to show my ostomy to nursing students and teach them how to change bags. We need more nurses with ostomy skills! No one knows how to treat us! 

We had a good time and hope to go back in May.

I got an iced cappuccino on the way. It was a weird compulsion; I rarely crave coffee or coffee drinks. I doubt I’ll get to bed earlier than usual tonight.

Nephrologist tomorrow! Hopefully he has ideas to help my poor, limping kidneys.

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