Daily Mew #245

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Had the dentist today for my six month checkup!  It went well.  I have one cavity that’s teeny-weeny and we’re going to just fix it before it becomes an issue.  Then, that tooth that the other people fixed up a while ago that went horribly wrong and then had to get fixed again?  Well, that tooth itself had two fillings done at the time, and one of them is bugging me a bit.  He took an x-ray and it turns out there’s an air bubble in my tooth which is why it’s bothering me.  Figures.  So, he’s going to fix that too.  He didn’t notice it before because that filling stayed in tact while the other one fell out, and he didn’t need to take an x-ray that day.  So, that’s not my fault I guess.  He did also compliment me on how well I take care of my teeth and said he could tell I floss!  Woo!  We got the errands finished tonight too and have nowhere to go tomorrow so we get to spend the whole night home alone together fuck yes!