Daily Mew #446

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Today before our one errand we took a short walk at the Zoo again.  Master remembered we had free train tokens to use because we are members but since I had been using my wheelchair so much before we had forgotten about them.  So, today we walked down to the train and back!  Yay!  They recently upgraded the train so adults could ride.  We tried riding a few years ago and we both fit but Master was kind of squeezed and his back hurt him for a while.  🙁  No good!  The new upgrade lets adults ride too!  Yay!  

When we got on Master took an “usie” of us which of COURSE had to be my Daily Mew (proof I left the house today! HA!) because I loved how we looked together.  The train doesn’t go around the WHOLE Zoo but the old train never did either.  This one was a lot faster, though.

When we got off Master asked how I liked the new train.


Master laughed.  We walked back towards the exit.