Daily Mew #503

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Not feeling quite my usual bright self (or looking it either, I feel).  Today has been over a week since I had my initial kidney stone attack, and I still have not passed it and I feel terrible.  I saw the doctor (GP) who consulted with the urologist today.  Despite one of my stones being obstructed she thinks there is a chance it may pass on its own and I have to wait another five weeks to see if it will.  Five weeks!  O. M. G.  I don’t think I will survive that long so this thing had better pass long before then.  The other 7mm stone will not pass on its own and I have to go get treatment for that but I won’t see her to discuss that until next week.  In the meantime they recommend pain meds and IV hydration and my doc IS on top of getting that in order.  At least I can do it at home though.  I’m so frustrated that I seemed to be making progress before this happened.  🙁

In some good news, Master Pravus started his new job today and it seemed to go really well!  I’m thrilled for him that so far he is getting along with everyone and likes it.