Daily Mew #506

I’m hooked up to my fluids at last!  I did a lot of it myself but L (my nurse) came by and taught me a lot of it and is hoping that Master is going to do a lot of it for me.  Maybe I just looked unsteady or something.  I dunno.  She did say that I looked like I was starting to get a bit of color once she left because she thought the fluids were helping.  It might be hard to tell though because we’re having a thunder storm so dark picture.  :(

I still have a little more than a bag to go though and Master won’t be home for over an hour and I need to unhook myself and heparinize my port.  Scary stuff.  I feel more confident after meeting with L today though.  And she said I probably won’t need to actually access myself.  We’ll see though, I was already accessed.  I haven’t ever touched my own line until today.  It was scary but I’m learning.

No IV pain meds yet.  There was a discrepancy in the order so we are waiting to figure out what the word is.  

Still no stones passed yet. 

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