Daily Mew #539

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Yay!  Sea monkeys off my Wishlist came today.  Thank you so much, Jade!  I guess she got me a few pressies but Amazon shipped them seperately so I get to look forward to a few things this week.  Lucky Kitty!

The Spongebob tank from yesterday’s post was originally for my sea monkeys!  Once the marimo balls come out of quarantine I’m going to make a giant batch of sea monkeys and slowly add to it until the tank is full.  I’m keeping the sea monkeys near Henry’s tank and I swear he is salivating watching them swim already.  Ha ha.  They’re still too small to feed him though.  It’ll take five total packets to fill the Spongebob tank the whole way so I’m going to save my allowances.  (Two down, three to go!)

In the meantime it doesn’t look like Henry will starve.  😉  He has three kinds of food beside the sea monkeys because I like to feed my bettas a varied diet.  I think it keeps their fins beautiful and helps their digestion.  

Holy pig nipples, I forgot just how much I missed having a fish!  Especially a betta.  Squee!