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Daily Mew #546

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Today did not go as planned at all, of course.  I woke up feeling like a truck hit me.  Normally, Master Pravus leaves my IV bags hanging but accidentally forgot this morning.  He wasn’t running late or anything.  He got to work really early and once he parked realized what he’d done.  The problem is, I’m too ill to hang them myself in the morning so I was unable to have my fluids right away like I usually do.  Master came home and hung them on his lunch so I could still get my fluids, though.  Before he got there things were incredibly rough and I could barely get around the house.  It was ugly.  :/  So I stayed on the couch playing Viva Pinata and trying not to get into trouble.

Of course, the minute I was left alone the Internet died.  Just died!  It stayed down all day until Master came home.  (‘Course it did!)  Then it went on and of a couple of times.  Lovely.  We called the Internet company who will send someone out to look…. On Saturday of fucking course and in the meantime we can look forward to our up and down ‘Net.