Sex Toy Reviews

Fuck The Rainbow

Hits: 59I love rainbows.  I used to have a silicone rainbow dildo, but unfortunately, it met with an untimely end, and I felt a hole in my.  Um.  Heart.  ::Cough::  That none of my other toys could quite fill.  When you want your rainbow dildo, you want your rainbow dildo.  So, when BestVibe offered to […]

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Handheld Rechargeable Massager by Paloqueth

Hits: 21Paloqueth has really spoiled me this time, when they sent me their newest and most fabulous handheld massager.  I recently purchased something similar by another company, because I had wanted a black one, and I was pretty disappointed in that one.  This was not only perfect timing, but I could tell just taking it […]

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Mermaid Vibrator By Paloqueth

Hits: 82Here we have a gorgeous vibrator, sent to me by the lovely people at Paloqueth to review.  I was so excited to receive it, and just like the last Paloqueth toy I received, this one arrived in a beautiful box with a little fabric storage bag.  Fabric storage bags are something I really appreciate, […]

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