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Mew mew!

Thanks for reading my blog and following our journey!  If you’re wondering how you can support Master Pravus and Kitty there’s plenty of ways.

If you are low on funds and want to help, you can still be super supportive!

You can Follow Kitty on Twitter. Tumblr. YouTube. Or ManyVids.

Drop a question in my CuriousCat.

If you follow my ManyVids account, you can click on all the hearts.  That helps my profile loads!

Whether or not you take the few minutes to sign up for an account, you can still watch any of my “MVTube” videos for free (As long as you’re 18 or older, of course!), and I will make a small amount of commission on the views.  You might think this doesn’t matter, but it definitely adds up, and I appreciate the views!  If you sign up for an account and can take a few minutes to leave me a five star review it helps even more.  Here’s the links to all the current MVTube Videos I have up for easy reference:


Kitty’s Blooper Reel II

Nipple Clamp Unboxing and Try On

ASMR: Master’s Video Game

Bootblacking with Minimal Talking #1

Strip Tease

Kitty’s First Cage

Kitty’s Blooper Video

First Nape Shave In A Year

Good Kitty

No Tootsie Rolls

Leaving respectful comments on my YouTube videos is super helpful, and I love chit chat on my public Twitter.  (DMs are only for long time mutuals and customers.)

Leaving hearts and reblogs on my content on all platforms helps loads, thank you so much!

Every time you share our links around, we’re very grateful!

If you’d like to drop a tip, you can do so on our Ko-fi page here.

Kitty sells amateur porn, and you can purchase it on several different sites.  Here are the links to those:






Currently, custom porn is closed, but I will update here when it reopens. :)

You can also consider making a purchase through Kitty’s Mewtique or buying something off her Wishlist.

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Kitty’s P.O. Box is:

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Thank you so much for considering supporting us!  We appreciate each and every one of you!

::Kitty kisses::