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Welcome to Happy Apple Farm <3

Saturday was apple picking day!  I was a bit nervous because we were going with our friend S and her son, and we really are not “children” people.  Her son, L, was really cute and fun to be around for the most part though.  He usually acts up a lot, but he didn’t this time.  It was nice to be able to relax and just have fun.  The farm itself is not close at all, it takes an hour and a half to get there, and Betty was guzzling gas the whole way.  We left around 10:30AM, and got there around noon.  We were all glad to be out of the car, let me just say.  Master took this picture of me in front of the sign.

Master always buys me a honey lolipop when we go to Happy Apple Farm. They make them right there at the farm. :)

The first thing we did there was to get lunch.  I had probably less than half my turkey and cheese sandwich, and Master ate the rest, plus a hot dog, plus a brisket sandwich.  Must have been hungry.  ::laughs::  Then we all went on a hayride which brings you to where the berries, pumpkins, and apples are.  We started with the berries.  (Side note, picking berries was on my day zero project list, so I crossed that off!).  Unfortunately, the berries were very light that day, and it wound up being closer to berry “hunting”.  We would find two or three berries on low hanging branches here, and then a few more on this bush..  Overall it was difficult, and we did not even get an entire berry container full.  Sadly, this morning we dropped the berries on the floor in the house, so I never got to taste any. :(

Pumpkin patch was next, and it wound up being just Master and L.  They wanted to do the “manly” thing of going into the patch to tear a pumpkin out by the stem.  I thought it was cute.  We didn’t get a picture of the pumpkin, but it was 10 pounds!  It is pretty big. 

Apple Pig trying to help us find berries! They were very picked over.

Next up on the adventure was apple picking! :)  There were tons of apples to choose from, luckily.  I cannot eat apples, but Master loves them, so I went to town trying to find him perfect apples, and then asking “Is this the right apple for Master?”  Most of the time Master would smile and tell me I was a good kitty, but sometimes he would find a blemish or something which I had missed. :(  Apple Pig never chose an apple which was “yucky”.

"Daddy! I'll take the whole tree!"

At one point while we were in the berry patch, Master found a lone white flower on the ground.  He picked it up and put it in my ear and then took a picture.  He really is such a romantic sometimes.

Flower. <3

So that was that, and we headed home.  We had a great time, and we’re going back on October the first because they’ll have cider then!  We’re both so excited.  I really love the Autumn.  It is so lovely, and there is so much that Master and me enjoy doing this time of year. 

Sunday we were planning on going to a corn maze, but I felt sick.  I’m not sure what is up, but ever since last monday (nearly a week!) when we got back from the con, I’ve been not feeling well.  I’m not talking about con drop either.  It isn’t that I’m tired.  I think I may have some kind of stomach bug.  I’ve just felt full 99% of the time lately, and I have had NO appetite all week.  This is very odd for me, because I do eat.  Today I thought I was feeling better, but something is up because while I’m not full 100% of the time now, if I do eat, I feel really queasy. :(  Since it has been going on for nearly a week though, Master is going to call the doctor tomorrow to make an appointment.  Hopefully I do not have any kind of bug, but it is probably better to get checked out then for it to get worse.  I’m looking forward to next weekend though, we may go out somewhere with S again. :)

Mew mew!