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Some quotes from the past week to start us off:

Setting the scene:

Kitty is sitting on the floor coughing pitifully, and Master is trying to get her to take some throat spray medicine.

Master: “Come on, Kitty.  Your throat will feel better.  I promise it won’t hurt.”

Me: “But it hurt last time!”

Master:  “That was a few years ago, I promise this one is much better.”

Me: (Reluctantly.) Okay…  (Opens mouth)

Master sprays me in the mouth with the throat numbing stuff, and I start coughing, retching, and grabbing my throat.

Me: “OWE! I thought you said it wouldn’t hurt!” :(

Master: “I’m sorry Kitty..  Do you taste cherries?”

Me: “Cherries?!  That is NOT a cherry!”

Master: (Giggling) I love you Kitty. <3

*     *     *     *

Setting the scene:  Usually I draw our nightly bath, but as I was sick last week, Master opted to do it.

Master:  Alright Kitty, I’ve got the tub ready with some oil for you.  Now, get in the tub, and stand with your feet as wide apart as you can, and lean against the wall.

I stand as Master instructs and feel what I think is warm water being dripped all over my back.  Suddenly, I could swear I smell urine.  I turn around.

Me:  “Is that…  Are you peeing on me?”

Master: “Of course.  Do you feel better yet?”

Me:  “Hell yes.”  <3

*     *     *     *     *

Okay, so tomorrow we’re going somewhere I wasn’t planning on talking about on my journal at all, but since Master tweeted about it I figured I would.  I know I’m going to lose some friends for this, because I have a couple friends who are hardcore against what I am about to say, and then there are some of you who just plain won’t believe me.  That’s cool though, I’ve kept quiet about it long enough and I’ve decided that I’m just going to talk about it.  If some people who are my friends decide not to be anymore, then I guess you weren’t real friends to begin with.

Here goes.  *Deep breath*

I support the legalization of medical marijuana.

Let me just start off by saying that I do not smoke Pot.  I don’t smoke cigarettes, and I rarely drink alcohol.  I live a pretty “clean” life.  Most people who hear that I support legalizing medical marijuana are either totally on my side, or totally, completely against it and want nothing to do with me anymore.  Furthermore, apparently most people are under the impression that you cannot support legalizing without being an actual smoker of pot.  Trust me, my allergies are way too bad for me to even burn scented candles half the time, Hell no I’m not going to smoke anything be it pot, cigarettes, or anything else.

So, why would I support medical marijuana then?  Truthfully?  Because I have read both sides of the argument, and I just think that it is silly to keep pot illegal, especially in medical circumstances that it could be helpful.  Lots of people out there could benefit from Pot, including people who don’t smoke it because regulating it would help the economy.  I’ve read lots of information on the topic, and studies show that marijuana is not a gateway drug for people who start smoking it in their twenties and above.  It tends to be a problem for people who are high school age who start smoking it.  But then, so are cigarettes, and alcohol, which are both legal in the US.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still on the fence about recreational use, but I COMPLETELY support using it for medicinal purposes.

When I was younger, my brother used to smoke pot.  My parents tried to get him into a rehab sort of place, and no one would take him because they told us that pot wasn’t addictive.  Yeah, it’s true that it can be psychologically addictive, but so can chocolate, cake, and pie.  You couldn’t get into rehab for being addicted to brownies, and they’re not letting you in if you’re addicted to cigarettes either.  This, and some other experiences and through lots of research, have lead me to be OK with medical usage, in the right circumstances.

Tomorrow Master and me are going to a Cannabis Convention.  They have education about Marijuana, live music, and lots of cool stuff in support of medical marijuana.  It is supposedly the biggest marijuana convention in the USA, and will have everything there BUT marijuana.  So, that’s where we’re spending our Saturday.  I’m hoping it will be fun, and I look forward to the outing with Master.

Tonight we’re going to go back to Plato’s Closet, and then we’ve got a new Stargate Universe episode calling out name.  I love Stargate. <3  Mew mew!  Have a good weekend everyone.