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A Pirate’s Life For Me (And Apple Pig) (Also Master)

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Apple Pig At Applebees!

On Friday Master and me decided to go to the new Pirate movie!  Okay, actually, we decided weeks ago, but Friday was when we went.  My new dress and new boots arrived just in time too, so I couldn’t resist trying to dress up all cute and sexy for Master.  We left the house shortly after 5PM and had to run one teeny tiny errand before going out to eat at Applebees and then the movie.  Unfortunately Master left his wallet at home (it’s been a long week!)  and we had to go back and get it before eating.  At this point we were both queasy with hunger and could not wait for dinner.

We re-discovered Applebees a couple of weeks ago and we’ve gone maybe once per week since.  Truth be told, we’re a bit homesick for Boston food (but not a whole lot else from Boston, aside from the people, I mean!), and Applebees makes us think of home.  They don’t do a whole lot of the food in Colorado like they do back home.  ::sigh::  Anyway, Master ordered an iced tea with lemon for me (nom!) and a chicken finger basket, and he got himself a steak.  He got us some mozzarella sticks to share.  Nom.  As you can see from the picture, Apple Pig heartily enjoyed himself.

After dinner, we went over to the movie theater, which was actually less than a mile from where we were (we didn’t even realize till we typed it into the GPS).  We wound up being very early to the theater so we decided to wander around and explore.  The theater itself was actually in the middle of a strip mall, so there was plenty to explore.  We started wandering around, and in Master’s Junior High days he was a skateboarder, although shitty ankles keep him from it now.  There was a skateboard store so we wandered in.  Apparently though it’s the place you go to hang out in front of if you’re a teenager.  The poor clerk was complaining/apologizing to us about it, and there really were about 90 bazillion kids in front of it.  Bonus:  one of them complimented my new boots!

After the skate store it was almost time for the movie, so we went back so we could get some popcorn and a drink before the movie started.  One really cool thing?  The theater we went to used assigned seats, so you don’t have to worry about getting there early.  How cool is that?  I’ve never seen that before.  On our way to the movie theater a couple of girls stopped us to tell us that we both looked “Fabulous.”  Um, awesome.  I’ve been told I look like a lot of things, but never “fabulous”.  That seriously gave us both a boost.  Not that we needed one, but cool nonetheless.

The movie itself was awesome!  Don’t worry, I won’t give you any spoilers, but we both enjoyed it a lot.  Penelope Cruz is (as always) quite a beautiful thing to watch, and if there is someone who has yet to be entertained by the glorious Captain Jack Sparrow, I don’t know who they are.  We were both worried because we heard the budget for this one was quite a bit lower, but you know what?  If the movie’s budget was low, neither of us noticed.  Plus, the actor who played General Arcadius in Krod Mandoon was in the beginning of the movie.  Pretty epic.

Also:  there’s a scene in the beginning with a cream puff.  Master and me both agree that I would, in fact, go to those lengths to get a cream puff (which is why I only get one for my birthday, and one for christmas).

All in all a fun night!  Now, if only July 15th would hurry up so we can see Harry Mother-Fucking Potter.