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The Day I Ruined The Tub

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Do you remember a while back when I did this?  Well, I’ve been planning on doing the same thing to the tub for a long while now, but it has taken me a while to get to it.  (Too many other things which are actually important that need doing).  Eventually, I decided to just do it.  It took me a couple of days since I haven’t been feeling well.  Every time I went into the dungeon bathroom, I’d take one new sticker off and put it in the tub.


Sorry the pictures are so dark!  There is only one light in the bathroom, so it’s hard to get a decent picture, but still, cute, huh?


I haven’t taken a bath with them in there yet, but how cute is this?  <3  At least when Master isn’t home, I’ll never be alone in my tub. Hee hee.


Know what the best part was? This time, when Master saw, he didn’t tell me he was all grossed out, even in a teasing way. This time he exclaimed:

“Wow! This is awesome! You should take a picture!” =^^=