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Car Troubles

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We got Bettie back from the shop, finally.  It took two weeks for the parts to come in because it is such a new car, and apparently the part that got broken in the accident was obscure.  At any rate, the car wound up being a little less than we thought it would be, so Master decided to take me to buy a special treat, seeing as how it will be Xmas soon.

Master brought me to the store, and I knew Legos were expensive, but I just panicked since we had the recent car that we just paid for.

“Are you sure you want to buy Kitty a present?  Kitty can wait!”

Master said he was sure, and he picked out the Hagrid’s Hut kit for me.  I was all excited to use it, and I said that I would probably put bunny ears on the spider or something, since I don’t like spiders.  Master agreed that would be fun, and, clutching my new Lego set to my chest, I sauntered on up to the register.  We paid for our Legos, and then Master put them in the trunk of the car for me.

Since we opted not to go out to eat, we decided to make one more pit stop so that we could get a frozen pizza, a cheese-free one for me, and a meat-tastic one for Master.  On the way to the second store, as luck would have it, someone rear-ended us at a stop light.

Seriously.  Less than six hours after we got the car back from the shop for the last accident, we get involved in another one.  The guy was nice, got out of his car, mentioned he was sure we were about to turn left (on a red light, mind you), and he just couldn’t stop in time.  Well, Mr. Man, that is why we leave space between cars.  So that you have time to stop if suddenly the car in front of you has to obey a traffic light or something crazy like that.  Psssh.  Because being sarcastic rarely helps these situations, I managed to keep my lips sealed and bit my tongue.  Hard.  I was angry.  The last thing we needed so close to the holidays was another accident.  Suddenly, I felt even worse about Master buying me the Legos.

We got home, and Master filed a claim with our insurance company.  Unfortunately, even though it’s not our fault, they told us we have to pay out of pocket and then chase the other company for our reimbursement.  Huh?  We’ve never had that problem before.  Master is pissed and says that after this accident is taken care of, we are going to change insurance companies.  We weren’t even remotely at fault, we shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s stupid mistake.  Oh, and as luck would have it, our insurance doesn’t pay for loaner cars somehow either.  Fun.

The most obnoxious thing about this whole thing isn’t even the money, or the fact that we weren’t at fault, blah blah.  That stuff all sucks and all, but what is really bothering me is the fact that I was in the car for this.  Sure, overall it was a minor accident (like the last one I was involved in), and I’m thankful for that.  No one was hurt, and that is wonderful.  But, stuff like this seriously makes it hard for me to get over my fear of driving.  Every time I feel brave enough to start driving again, something stupid happens to make me not want to drive.

The fact of the matter is, no matter how safely I drive, I can’t prevent other people from driving like complete idiots.  In both of the accidents Master and me were in, we weren’t at fault.  They were entirely the fault of the other guy.  I stop for lights and stop signs.  I pull over when there’s an ambulance coming.  I drive the speed limit.  I leave space for stopping.  None of that matters though.  At the end of the day, all it takes is for one asshole to not be paying attention for us to get into a major accident.  That scares the crap out of me.  Hell, last night when we were on the way back to our place, someone was driving in the wrong direction on the highway!  Master wailed on the horn, and we got out of his way – but for crying out loud.  How does that even happen?!

I have no idea what it is that makes people not think that cars are not deadly devices.  They need to be driven with care, and with the knowledge that people can and do die in accidents each year.  Driving is not a right, it is a privilege.  I just get so upset with the crazy things I see people doing on the road.  Not signaling, drag racing, running red lights, going left on red.  The works.  Each time I get the courage to try again something else happens.  The minor things that happen make me worry about the major things that could happen.  Is it right?  Probably not.  But I don’t think my fear of driving is going to go away any time soon.


Joy!  We got a couple calls this morning saying that the guy who hit us admitted the whole accident was his fault.  (Of course, we knew that).  This is great because the insurance company has set up appointments, etc, so that our car can be fixed at no cost to us.  They are also paying for a rental car.  Master and me are both relieved! =^^=