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Barely A Bruise

There are a lot of things which Master and me do which I wouldn’t trust other people to do with me immediately.  We’ve gotten to the place we’re in dynamic wise with lots of trial and error, and lots of fun. Little bits of trust are gathered up over time until they are big enough to move onto the next thing.

What happened to me recently was proof to me that Master and me have come further than I ever thought possible.

While I have long wanted to try some blood play with Master, I never really dreamed that we would have the opportunity to try vein punctures.  In all honesty, while Master wanted to learn vein punctures, he was a but nervous about how he might feel watching someone put needles in veins. With some instruction, a demo, a vein puncture kit, and a handy instructive nurse nearby I found myself rolling up fishnetted arm and preparing for something…  Unlike anything I ever thought I’d be doing, with anyone actually, ever.

My endorphins were in a really good place, and I felt the first thumpity thump of my heart as I prepared for the needle.  I felt the tourniquet applied a bit on the loose side to my arm.  Normally in an ER or doctor’s office the tourniquet is applied very tightly, and I am unlucky enough to be bruised to Hell and maybe not even find a vein that day.  Master had no experience with needles. If an ER doc or Phlebotomist has bad luck, surely he would too.

Master was very calm looking on the outside, though I wonder if he was nervous internally.  He found a vein and plunged the needle gently inside, having to poke around a bit as the vein was rolling away somewhat.

I breathed, and found that my adrenaline was rushing like mad mainly due to the sharp sensation, and the fear that this time would not be successful.  With a small bit of needle repositioning, the vein was struck, and red liquid gold was filling a small vial.

We both smiled at each other.  We had done it!

Master pulled the tourniquet off, and taped some gauze to my arm.  He told me how very proud of me he was and that he couldn’t wait to do that again.

For someone who has horrendous blood draws by professionals, this felt amazing to me.  My Master is so very wonderful.  Maybe Master can give those ER nurses some pointers.

As I sit here typing this, Master is sitting in his leather chair with a mango and a scalpel, practicing for when he is ready to do cutting scenes with me.  I guess I underestimated how much he’d enjoy blood play after seeing some demos of it.


Is It Just Me, Or Does He Have A Really, Really Big Smile On His Face For Someone With A Scalpel In Their Hands?