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Monkey Toes, and Bastinado

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Oh, bastinado!  It has been much too long!  I don’t think Master has hit either of my feet since I broke my foot last year, until recently.  I can understand his hesitation.  Hell, that foot is still not healed all the way, though it is a lot better.  <3  Still, I wasn’t really expecting it, which only made it even better.  Master tied my legs together, and then tied my cuffs in with the tie.  It was really extra comfy because he used the suspension cuffs, which was a nice surprise.  And I started to get all floaty, and purry, and happy as he started beating the bottoms of my feet with the thickest, thuddiest cane we have.  He spent a bit of time in the arch, which I don’t find is super painful, compared to other parts of the foot – and I really enjoyed when he started smashing the ball of my feet with the cane.  Mmmm.  That is the best, it hurts so good.  He switched back and forth a bit between the thick cane you see in the picture, and another thuddy cane that is about a quarter of the size, almost as heavy!  Heaven.

At some point, Master had to go to the bathroom (which was still connected to the room we were in, no biggie, he could even see me just by looking over his shoulder), and he put the big, thick cane between my toes and told me to hold it.  He came back a couple of minutes later, and confessed he didn’t think I was going to be able to hold on to the came for that long.  Ha ha!  I was all proud of myself and Master said he was impressed with me.  I gotta admit, I always have had some pretty sweet “monkey toes”.  I was pretty confident before Master left the room that I was going to be able to handle it.  =^^=  But it was nice to impress Master.  I love when I do that.