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Bland Food

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I’ve been cooking a lot more lately.  I usually start cooking when Master calls to tell me he is on the way home.  If he doesn’t call, it’s hard to time things just right because sometimes he has to stay late at work, and then I’m cooking too far ahead.

He called me, and he told me he was coming home.  So, I started cooking.  I was feeling really tired from all the things I did during the day, so I was sort of in zombie mode.  Now, back when I first met Master, he would only cook with two spices: salt and oregano.  Seriously.  That was it.  He wouldn’t use much oregano either, or else he would say it was “spicy” which I thought was somewhat funny to me, because oregano is not a burny kind of spice.  Either way, it was easy to cook for him in those days.

It was grocery shopping day, so I admit there wasn’t a lot in the house to cook with.  We had stuff, but we were about one or two ingredients short of me making anything “super” good.  So I just cooked the chicken with oregano and salt, a little pepper, and a dash of olive oil.  I made pasta and peas, and then I put the whole thing together.  Nothing too fancy, as I said.

I served Master his dinner when he got home, and we started eating it.

“You know what would have saved this?  Some teriyaki sauce,” he told me.

“What, you don’t like your bland chicken with only salt and oregano?” I teased him.  (Never mind the fact that we were out of teriyaki sauce).

He laughed.

“Do you remember when I would sneer at too much oregano??  And now I actually want flavor??”

We just busted up laughing.  His tastes have changed a lot over time.  I just never thought we would be eating dinner, and he’d be complaining that it was too bland.  Ha!  We’ll just have to keep an extra bottle of teriyaki kicking around for those nights when we’re short on ingredients.