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Wow, talk about a lame boring day.  I’m still not feeling well, so I have spent the day on the couch.  I never get to hang out on the couch like this unless I’m sick, or Master is home too, and he wants to snuggle.  I feel like I’m doing something wrong, lol.  Master made me a nice little snuggle spot up here though, and I’ve got my piggies with me.  I’ve just been resting and playing some Shrek video game I’ve had lying around for a while.  Tomorrow Mass Effect 2 comes out, so with any luck I’ll have something more exciting to play.

Master called me earlier this morning, he told me that he managed to get through to the dentist, and the earliest appointment they can get me is march first.  I guess I should put the whole thing out of my mind for a while, since I’ve got over a month wait.

I’ve spent the last hour or so staring at the vicodin bottle.  I haven’t had one yet, but I’m seriously thinking about it.  I have this fear of pain medicine though.  In my mind, it isn’t going to fix whatever is wrong, and the possibility of side effects just makes me want to stay away.  When I had kidney stones the doctor prescribed me percocet.  Honestly?  I have all but two pills still sitting in the bottle.

Here is hoping tomorrow is a bit more exciting.