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“If You Loved Me, You’d Put Your Cock Down My Throat!”

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A few weeks ago, someone said to me that they could not imagine me being a bad enough kitty to deserve a serious punishment.  It’s true – I do the best I can to please my dominants in general.  I like performing well.  I like following orders.  I like being good.  But sometimes, I get impatient and act up like a bad kitty.  It is something I am always working on, but sometimes I just can’t help myself.  Last night, something like that happened.

Master was tucking me into bed, and I’ve just been dying for the taste of his dick in my mouth.  I want him to skull fuck me, or to let me get on top of him and go to town on his cock.  I have a taste for cock you see, I love to suck dick.  I may not be the most skilled oral sex giver out there, but my enthusiasm generally makes up for it, and I have not heard any actual complaints yet.  Anyway, when I had my wisdom teeth out, the doctor said no sucking for two days.  Truthfully he did not mention sucking cock, just sucking through a straw – but Master (rightfully) took this to mean no oral sex either.  Okay.  I get that.  Well, it has been eleven days since my teeth were extracted.  I’m not in any pain now, and I’m not taking an antibiotic either.  I’m eating anything I like, and I’m feeling very much myself again.

Last night when Master was putting me to sleep, I started gently “batting” his penis with my head, like a kitty.  I rubbed my face on it and tried to lick it through the underwear, hoping he would take his cock out and let me suck it.  Instead, he kept telling me “No!”  “Bad kitty!”  and other similar things.  It’s hard for me sometimes.  I haven’t been able to suck cock in almost two weeks, but Master won’t let me.  It isn’t up to me to choose, I know this – but there is a tiny little iota of a speck of desire inside me which is having a difficult time obeying this time.

The doctor says I can “suck” again.  Master says that he doesn’t want me to suck on his dick until after the holes in my jaw have closed up.  I can see his point, I understand that he loves me and is not trying to keep his cock from me as punishment, but more because he doesn’t want me to wind up with dry socket.  There’s a part of me which feels really unhappy about this arrangement though, and I can’t put my finger on it.  Master loves oral sex (as most men do, I guess), so I have never needed to try very hard to get him to put his cock in my mouth if I wanted to suck it.  There have been times where I haven’t been in the mood to suck his cock but have anyway.  There are little to no times though where I asked him if I could practice deep throating or suck his cock when he turned me down, and I guess it feels like rejection more than safety.

Last night, I was even rude enough to take it far enough and say “If you loved me, you’d put your cock down my throat!”  We both laughed after that, and it broke the serious mood, but yes.  I can be bad sometimes.  I hate when I get this way.  Doctor or no doctor, it is not up to me to decide when I am going to have the privilege of sucking Master’s cock.  I don’t get to choose sick or healthy when I get to have A or B, why would I think I could randomly choose C and he wouldn’t be upset?  Sometimes, I just feel like I need so much work.  >.<