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Violet Wand and the Flibbertygibbet

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I’m sort of a flibbertigibbet in my day to day life. I like to bounce, and glomp, and run, and leap. I like to play Kinectimals and make my little kitty on the screen do tricks.

During sex, play, or kinky fun in general, no – I’m really not that girl. I’ve blogged about it in the past, but basically, that doesn’t turn Master on, and it doesn’t turn me on either. It’s too easy to jump and squirm about. I enjoy the challenge on being made to be still.

One thing Master has been enjoying is our Violet Wand reactive rope. I won’t lie. I like it too. Actually, the Violet Wand itself makes me pretty freaking happy, as does it make Master happy. <3 Recently he took it out though, and draped it over me like a snake. He did not tie it to me at all. Then, he turned the Violet Wand up to max and touched it here and there.

I tried. I swear to you, I really did try, but I was incapable of staying still. I did manage to stay silent, and in all seriousness – if you were watching, you’d probably call me a good girl. Most people would see the small bits of jumping here and there as “reasonably still”. But not us. Not Master, and not me. I think it’s something I’ll be needing more practice in. But, in the meantime – it’s really fun having a challenge now and then.




In somewhat related news, here is a picture of my first marks from the violet wand, unrelated to the rope play mentioned above.  It was still kind of cool snapping a shot a few hours later, when we noticed the violet wand marked me up.  It felt kind of like a sunburn, but it didn’t last longer than a day or two.