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First Caning + Bastinado

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The morning after my first caning. Both sides essentially look the same, so I didn’t bother trying to take a picture of both. :)

Last year, I bought Master a Thanksgiving present.  I really just made Thanksgiving an excuse to give him something.  I adore giving him presents and decided to do the same thing this year.  I have been dying to be caned.  I have heard so many great things about canes, how much they hurt, the marks they leave.  I am a big lover of wearing bruises and marks after the intense session has ended.  Sometimes I will go weeks without marks, and sometimes I will wonder if there is a single limb which has no marks on it.  I purchased a fairly inexpensive bamboo cane to start with.  I reasoned that if I did not like the feel of the cane, then I would not want to have spent a lot of money on a nice one.  For the record, Bamboo is not really an ideal cane material.  If it breaks, it splinters, and that is not likely to be much fun.  We’re going to invest in a much nicer probably rattan or delrin cane now. :)

I crawled away into my Kitty Cave and came back with a very long cardboard box.  I was pushing it along the floor with my face, and having a rough time with it.  Master sat up in his chair, and I could tell by the look on his face that he was just enjoying watching me do this.

“Isn’t it too early for my Thanksgiving present?” he asked me.

I said: “I don’t think so!  This is Thanksgiving break, right?  I can wait ’till tomorrow though if you want.”

He just sat there grinning and watching me try to move this humongous four foot long package towards him with my nose.  When I got it most of the way to his chair, he picked it up and cut the package open with a knife.  He picked up the cane and held it by its handle.

He looked me square in the face and said “This is going to hurt”.

I grinned back and said “I hope so!”  I giggled.

Master smiled back at me with an eViL glint in his eyes and said “I was planning on playing with you after you finished dinner..  But now I have a cane.”  I could tell he was excited.

We moved into the bedroom, and he had me face down on the bed.  He decided to focus on my calves and feet this time.  I had never had my feet beaten before, and was nervous.  He had me dangle my toes off the end of the bed, and then he told me to press my toes to the edge, which created a nice flat surface for him to smack my soles with.  I was scared.  As I mentioned, we had never done any bastinado before and I had no idea what to expect.  I figured it would probably be very painful.  The soles of the feet are a sensitive area.  I braced myself, and found that I did not like the first smack of the cane.  I never like the first stinging smack of any implement though.  By the third hit, my feet felt great and I was enjoying the warmth and pain that was settling in there.  I knew that Master was not hitting me with very hard strokes, though I could feel them sharply each time he came down on my feet.  I could tell that he wanted to take this slow since it was our first time experimenting with this type of play.  After about ten good smacks he stopped, and decided to focus more on my calves.  Something we’ve done plenty before.

He started up with fairly small smacks which progressed quickly into harsh stinging hits.  Being hit with a cane was different to me than any other implement we’ve tried before.  I felt the initial sting, and then a few minutes later (it literally took a long time for the second “wave” to set it) I felt a deep aching throb that I had never felt before.  It was awesome.  I’m not usually a big fan of stinging pain, because it doesn’t usually bruise or leave you with as much damage as a more thuddy one.  I was pleasantly surprised that after 20-30 good smacks on each side with the cane it turned into a more “thuddy” feel.  My whole calf felt like it was deeply warmed and achy.  It felt like much more than surface pain.  I could feel this deep inside of me.  Towards the end of the session I actually cried, which is very rare but also very cleansing for me.

After Master stopped caning me, we looked at my calves, and if you ran a finger over them slowly, you could actually feel uneven cane “divits” in my skin!  What a cool sensation!  By the following morning, the bruises were much darker, and very, very hard to the touch.  This morning the bruises are not as hard, but they are much darker than in the picture above.  I really do enjoy that achy bruise feeling the next day.  The cane was really the first thing ever to give me such a painful bruise, and I already cannot wait to play with the cane some more. :)  We played with it last night, this could really become an addiction! ^^  I am wondering if any of my bruises will survive being gone on vacation.  I’m starting to think some of them will.  We’ll definitely see.