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Lights OUT! :)

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Last night, Master and me did something we’ve never done before.  Brace yourself.  This is really kinky stuff coming up here, and I don’t want anyone to get upset or scared…

We had sex with the lights off! 

Ah, freaked you out there for a minute, didn’t I? :)  It was definitely a first for me though, I can’t recall a time where we had sex in total darkness.  Master and me both enjoy having sex with the lights on.  That, coupled with the fact that I have zero night vision made me not even consider it as a real possibility.  (Not that it is up to me, or that I had any idea it was coming).  He got my ball gag on, cinched me spread-eagle on the bed with the tethers we have..  And then turned the lights out.  It scared the living daylight out of me.  It’s weird, I think, that something so simple could scare me so much. 

We’ve done lots of sensory depravation before, put a blindfold on me, used earplugs, etc..  We have some great blindfolds.  The ones we use most often really do make it impossible for me to peek under them, and they block light out completely or 90%.  I think what scared me about having the lights out was just KNOWING that no matter what, Master would not be removing a blindfold, and I would not be able to see mid-way through, etc.  It felt much scarier and much more real to me this way.  Of course, tied to the bed and completely unable to move as I was, I didn’t even consider the possiblility of just flicking the lights back on.  HA!