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Chocolate Cock

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I like chocolate, really I do.  It is strange though, that no one ever believes me.  I don’t eat chocolate several times per day, or even once per day.  I tend to crave salty over sweet most of the time, but there are definitely times when I turn to chocolate.  I’m one of those girls who craves it heavily during her period.  I also crave it whenever I’m depressed or very stressed out.  I guess I am just lucky to not feel too stressed too often. :)  This past weekend I definitely was feeling stressed, and I decided to do something silly.  Make chocolate cocks.  Oh come on, you know you want to, too!  Here is my recipe:

1: First, you’ll need a pecker ice mold.  The one I originally got from EdenFantasys has been discontinued!  Luckily though, they do carry another one.  Don’t limit yourself to penises though!  You can usually get inexpensive and interesting ice cube molds at your local grocery store for less than $5.  I have a silicone puzzle piece mold, and a penguin one too.  Be creative.  Have fun!

Pecker Ice Tray! Look, it’s even veiny. ;)

2:  Now, you’ll need some chocolate chips.  I had a bunch of boring chocolate chips lying around, but you can use white chocolate chips too.  If you go into craft stores, they usually sell colored chocolates too.  You can get red, green, blue, purple, whatever color you like!  Who doesn’t want some purple peckers?

3:  Next, measure out about one cup of chocolate chips.  Put them in a microwave safe container.  The one I am using is a Pyrex glass measuring cup.

Chocolate Chips in a pyrex measuring cup

3: Place the microwavable container in the microwave.  Microwave the chips for no longer than thirty seconds.  The chips will not be melted all the way.  They will probably look barely melted.  Take them out of the microwave, and stir them thoroughly.  Even if you don’t see much melting going on yet, this is a necessary step to ensure the chocolate does not burn.  Continue placing the chocolate chips in the microwave and remove at thirty second intervals to stir thoroughly until the chips are completely melted.  This took me about two full minutes worth of microwave time.

During the melting process.

4:  When the chips are completely melted, it will look like this:

Completely melted through.

5:  Now, take the chocolate and slowly pour it into the molds.  This is the hardest part because the chocolate will be messy and will likely not want to do what you tell it to.

Cocks full of chocolate!

6:  Depending on your mold, you may have a little bit of chocolate left over.  I did.  You could just eat this, but I decided to make two chocolate penguins to go with my army of peckers. (See step 1.)

Ok, I only had enough chocolate for about one and 3/4 penguins. Who is going to know, though?

7:  Now, just place the trays in the freezer, and leave them there for two hours.  To get the chocolate peckers out of your tray, just gently wiggle the sides of the tray until the chocolate comes loose.  This is a bit tricky, because sometimes the penises will break no matter how careful you are.  That’s OK.  You can just eat any broken pieces and no one in the wiser.

Ok, I had a couple sad broken penises.

8:  The final product!  Enjoy!

The Final Product! :)

Optional (Master’s version!):  You can add one peanut in each of the “ball sacs” of the penis before drizzling the chocolate over it.  This way, your cock has some real “nuts”.  I didn’t do that with mine, but if you like nuts, it could be a tasty option for you.

Have fun! <3