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Mewtique Contest!

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Happy Spring!

Hey everyone!  We haven’t had a contest here in a while, and something is coming up exactly one month from now.  If you’re a close friend of mine, you might no what it is, if you don’t, let me clue you in:

It’ll be my birthday!  It’s not every day you turn 26. ;) And, because I’m so generous, I’d like to give someone else a present.  How very kind of me. It’s easy to enter, and only requires a comment on this post.  Tell me your favorite birthday memory.  That’s it.  It’ll earn you one entry, and you needn’t do anything else to enter.  The winner will win one pair or green and black (spring colors!) kitty OR puppy ears.  Winner chooses which they’d prefer.

Since I’m so generous, I’d like to offer you more ways to enter if you want.  You don’t have to do them all.  You could do one, two, or none, it’s up to you.  REMEMBER:  None of these will count if you don’t do the mandatory comment about your favorite birthday memory.


*Tweet once per day about the contest.  You must include @The_Sub_Mission and a link to the contest page.  You can use any wording you like.  Then, come back here and leave a comment leading to your tweet.  You may do this only ONCE per day.

*Write a blog post about the contest.  Again, make sure to link to the contest post.  This will earn you ten entries.

*For super extra credit, make a video about the contest and upload it to youtube or your website.  You needn’t show your face or even appear in the video at all if you don’t want.  This will earn you 15 entries.

*Follow @Mewtique on twitter.  Comment back here letting me know you’re following. (1 entry)

*List my website on your blog roll or links page.  (3 entries)

*If you own a pair of Mewtique ears, and have uploaded a picture somewhere, link in the comments section with a picture of them, and you’ll get (5 entries).  (Also, please note:  I will post the link to your ears up here in the entry form, so don’t post the link unless you’re comfortable with everyone seeing you in your ears!).

*Leave a reasonable comment on any of my blog entries or reviews past or present, and then comment back here with a link to the post you commented on.  You may do this as many times as you would like, but bear in mind that if your comment is one word or obviously spam I’ll delete it and your entry.

Please leave a comment for each entry you’ve earned.  I will be checking each entry by hand, and if any of them are false, I’ll remove your comments.  Also:  please remember that if you’ve never posted on my blog before your first few comments will require my approval.  I’m not censoring you, just keeping spam at bay.  If you don’t see your comments, it’s OK.  Your entry will be posted shortly.

The contest will end at midnight Mountain Time on my birthday (May 14th).  I will announce the winner via my blog and the Mewtique twitter account on the 15th!  Winner will be chosen using Random.Org. :)  Have fun, and get to entering! =^.^=