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A Keeper

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Master and me had just finished having a delightful play session with rope, anal sex (Omg, I don’t get enough anal, ever! I was in slave girl heaven!), PIV sex, and a few more fun little gadgets, and we opted to go for a walk. There was over an hour before bed, and we’ve been doing a lot more walking as my foot is doing lots better.

Right before we left, I had grabbed my fleece vest because it was 45 degrees out, and I remembered the other day that I was hot when it was 45. Of course, I had forgotten that was in the middle of the day with the bright sun on me.

I think it was about twenty minutes into our walk that I started to feel really cold. I asked Master if the next time we went out at night, he could help remind me that I should bring a long sleeve jacket. He told me he would, but then he offered me his jacket, such a sweet and romantic gesture. I definitely didn’t want to wear his jacket, because I was worried about him being cold! He told me that he was changing jackets with me, and took his N7 hoodie off, and he put it on me. I got all gushy and swoony.

Thing is, if you can find someone who will do this:




To you, and then offer you a jacket when you’re out at night.. You’ve found a keeper. Obviously I have the best Master in the entire world (sorry guys), but, it’s the little moments that remind me that, he is, in fact, the best Master ever. <3

Love you, Master.