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Heel Practice

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I’ve been practicing in my heels now for a bit over a week, and I’m starting to get pretty good at them, on carpet.  I can do decently well in the kitchen or bathrooms, but I’m a little worried about trying to go out to a store with a slippery stiletto right now.  I’m working on getting a bit more stable in the house before I step foot outside the house, although, the weather is warming up again, so it’s becoming relatively “safe” for me to test the waters a bit.  Maybe a walk around the complex, once I look a little less limpy on the stairs. 

Of course, Master was making dinner the other night, while I was doing a couple of laps near the red couch in the front room.  Heel-toe, heel-toe, stumble-catch, wobble..  You know the drill.  After a few minutes, Master came out and took the rats that were on the stairs and set up an obstacle course for me with them.  I shit you not.  It looked so ridiculous (in a fun way), and I laughed as I wove myself between the ratuses here and there. 

I guess if I ever find myself wearing heels in an Ikea (very likely) I’ll be all set, huh?  Especially if there is a big rat spill.