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Masturbation Rule: Amended

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The new rule Master set recently to have me play with myself each day while he is at work has been changed a little bit.

I have steroid-induced insomnia right now.  I’m usually up anywhere from midnight to 1AM most days.  In case you’re thinking:

“No, you probably just drink too much tea.”  The tea is a very recent thing, and since I started drinking so much of it, I’ve actually been getting to bed a bit sooner.  Likely, this is because I’ve got a bit more energy during the day and I’m running around and tiring myself out faster.  I still don’t drink tea at night or after 4 or 5PM though, and I’ve had the insomnia from the day I started taking the high dose steroids back in April, so we know what’s causing it.  It’ll go away when the steroids go away most likely.

Anyway, there’s a few things I’m not allowed to do at night.  One of them is sew.  Master used to let me sew late at night (after 10PM) but the problem is that I would think I was more awake than I was and I’d start to make mistakes.  No good.  So, he let me crochet because it’s relaxing and I’m less likely to put a needle through my finger (those needles are wicked blunt, ha)!  He lets me do chores like laundry and dishes and dusting and straightening and anything I have the physical energy to do for house work.  When the house is as clean as it can be without whipping out noisy equipment (IE the vacuum) I just play video games until I am sleepy enough to go to bed.

Some nights the insomnia is worse than others though, and I have a lot of energy.  I had one such night where everything was as clean as I could get it without disturbing Master and I sent him a note saying I wished that the masturbation rule counted late at night because I didn’t have anything else that needed doing and I was just playing Morrowind until I was sleepy enough for bed.

Ask and ye shall receive, I guess.  I didn’t think he would change the rule, it was just a casual comment I had made.  Well, he said as long as I was awake past midnight and playtime happened the next day, it would count.  I hadn’t expected that at all.  Huzzah!  So, I guess that’s one more thing I can do the night before.  It’s kind of a big deal to me because I feel really sick first thing in the morning and it takes me a long time to get functional for the day.  Night time is when I’m at my “peak” (for the moment) so I appreciate being able to do this when I am feeling a bit better.

Nifty!  Thank you, Master!